AtlasHost joined HighOps

We’re excited to finally announce publicly that AtlasHost has joined HighOps! In reality it happened back in December 2014 and we’ve been busy ever since working on:

  • the transition: making sure nothing fell through the cracks. It helped that very little changed and the service our customers had paid for will remain the same, at the same price, on the same servers, in the same data centers, managed by some of the same people.
  • this new website: still a few kinks to work out but consider it the base for things to come rather than an end in itself
  • a new support system: hello Groove which also powers our new Support Knowledge Base
  • a new payment processing system: we replaced PayPal with Stripe and this will allow us to offer so much more in the future

All our existing customers were informed in January (here a copy of the original communication which includes a couple of FAQs). In fact I want to take this opportunity to thank them once again for their help in making the transition to the new payment system so smooth.

We will share more details on our roadmpa in future posts but we couldn’t hold back the public announcement any longer 🙂