First of all Happy New Year! šŸ™‚

More than 2 years ago AtlasHost joined HighOps and since then we’ve expanded our offering from the original shared hosting (what we now call Option 1) to include Dedicated Virtual Machines, Dedicated Servers and customers’s own servers .

We went from strength to strength and grew by more than an order of magnitude (!!).

While AtlasHost focuses solely on Atlassian Managed Hosting HighOpsĀ has a broader offering: from professional services to managed services, toĀ small events and large ones like Operability.IO.

This gives our groupĀ tremendous exposure to the modern IT Operations market and our customers problems and needs and it’s often reflected by new services and initiatives. The latestĀ one can very well be called AtlasHost’s sister company for the e-commerce market.

The name is Ziraph: as fully-managed and hassle-free as AtlasHost but for Magento 2 e-commerce shops.

Take a look and if you love how AtlasHost takes care of your Atlassian applications you will love how Ziraph does the same for your magento shops.